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What crazy thing have you been up to during Covid?

What bright idea have you come up with to deal with the situation?

If I asked you what's the one positive thing that came out of all this, I'll bet you'll come up with several.

Hey and how about telling us one of those stories that are only told on the tour bus, in the truck, at the hotel, the shop or at the bar?

The Backstage Cowboys Podcast is eagerly looking for people like you to speak up and tell the world what the backstage life is all about with all the ups and downs that come with it.


Doesn't matter if you have toured with Pink Floyd or if you've been doing volunteer gigs at your local community hall, we want to hear you out!

Click this link and say hi. We'll get you all prepped up and setup a recording session at your convenience.

The Backstage Cowboys Podcast wants to hear your story!