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Nov 22, 2018

Nomination InAVation Award for LS-1


Edited: Nov 30, 2018


Please register your vote here: http://www.inavationawards.com/voting/


As you may know if you follow our social networks or INAVate magazine, LightShark LS-1 has been nominated again for the best Control and Management product of the year in the 2019 INAVation Awards, which will take place in Amsterdam during ISE, on February 5, 2019.


These awards are delivered by a voting procedure. Only one vote in each category per person will be accepted, and the votes will be vetted and verified to ensure they are valid and the job function correct. Votes are weighted according to job function: "End User", "Consultants", "Systems Integrator, Contractor, Rental & Staging" and "Distributor". This year will not be for manufacturers.

We have very hard competitors like Crestron, which is the major control company in this business. However, as small company, we don´t want to give up our illusion and, as you know, hope is the last thing to loose. So we want to ask for your help to get votes in our product, which is nominated in the category "Control and Management".


We are going to spread the word with our newsletter, social networks like Facebook, tweeter, instagram, etc and we need your help doing the same for your audience. We don´t have so much time and the votes have been opened in the following url: http://www.inavationawards.com/voting/


We want to thank you in advance for your help to bring LightShark to the top!


New Posts
  • Today we released LightShark software version 1.1 that includes bug fixes and new features. Along with this version has been included a new user manual that covers all the features of the console. You can follow this link to download the updates and the manual: https://www.workpro.es/lightshark If you still experience bugs that haven't been addressed in this update or would like to request new features, please post (or re-post) them so we can take care of them specifically. Enjoy! FIXED_ Circle FX was not working properly. FIXED_ Occasionally moving a Playback while changing pages could disorder the position of the Playacks. FIXED_ Executors did not trigger the Cue instantly, they had fade time. FIXED_Halt on last Cue was not working properly FIXED_ DMX setup Cont/RED buttons were swapped FIXED_It is possible to set the Chase Loops number to 0 FIXED_The time shown in the File Manager did not match the system time. FIXED_After deleting or moving autogroups if the fixtures are removed from the patch did not allow to load that show again. FIXED_If there was some incomplete palette in the fixture editor the file was not saved and Lightshark showed "Please Wait". FIXED_the NTP service was enabled by default FIXED_ Repatching multiple fixtures consecutively could duplicate the fixtures. FIXED_ Deleting all the fixtures in a group the group was not deleted. FIXED_ Occasionally it was not possible to record new groups of fixtures after entering values in the programmer. FIXED_ Safari on iOS9 and Edge on W10 changed font type NEW_The function of triggering a Playback automatically when the console starts. Within the Playback options you can find a switch to enable this feature. NEW_ Fine values have been hidden from the programmer window. NEW_A confirmation window has been added when saving a new Fixture in the editor. NEW_Scheduler, it is now possible to schedule events to run at a certain date or time. NEW_ OSC IN , it is possible to control LightShark using OSC commands. In the new user manual all commands are specified. In the same link you can find an example template for TouchOSC NEW_ MIDI, it is possible to control LightShark using a USB MIDI controller. In the new user manual all commands are specified. In the same link you can find different templates for several MIDI controllers NEW_ Now it is possible to turn off the console using DBO+CLEAR for 3 seconds. NEW_Fixtures Go to default values when added to the patch NEW_It is no longer necessary to clear the cache of the web browser after updating the lightshark version. NEW_When the network settings are reset, the WiFi interface is activated. NEW_Port forwarding can be configured to specific ports instead of 8000 and 80. NEW_the MAC address of the network interfaces is displayed NEW_Added more parameter types: _TINT_; _MEDIA_FOLDER_; _MEDIA_FILE_; _MEDIA_TRANSITION_; _MEDIA_SPEED_ ; _MEDIA_IN_ ; _MEDIA_OUT_; _PATTERNROT_; PATTERNROT2_; _PATTERNROT3_. NEW_New User Manual
  • AVL Media Group now carries watertight cases for the Canadian market to fit the Lightshark LS-1. Retail price is $255.00 CAD. Check-out the link below: https://www.proxdirect.com/products/view/VaultX-Universal-Watertight-Case-W-Extendable-Handle-Wheels-and-Foam-Set-XM-1102HW Available at your local canadian AV shop or music store.
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