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Dec 23, 2018

Amperage rating of USB Charge connector?



Can someone please provide technical info on the max current limit supported by the built-in USB Charge port.... Is it 0.5A ? 1.0A? or 1.5A?


(I ran into issues twice where the LS-1 board buttons started to light up in all kinds of odd ways by itself and froze while an iPad was being trickle charged by it. It was already charged past 90% and still frazzled the board)


I stopped using the charge port until I know more about its current ratings. I don't want to damage it of make it unstable.


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  • I’m new to the Lightshark system usually I work with Martin/Onyx and Hog consoles. I’m working with a LS-Core on a project and have had issues with cue lists disappearing. The first four I made reappeared when I opened the show after saving, however any cue list I made after and tried to save would show up in the cue list veiw but not on the playback fader it was recorded on. Also while you can see the cue list in the cue list veiw , you can’t select it. Is there something I am missing?
  • I edited a previously created fixture via the fixture editor to include ranges, clicked "Save" (save confirmed). The new range-names will not display on the slider. I tried to re-patch the fixture, but the "Patched" window will not let me delete the existing fixture! Other fixtures in the list, including custom ones, I can delete. What's going on here?
  • Any time I delete a cue list, it leaves an empty unfillable spot. The only fix is to create a new show and start over. Now I have to make sure I only create cue lists that I want. This is a big hassle since much of the programming experience is learned through experimenting with creating, moving and deleting cues and lists.
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