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Mar 3

Connect with Fire Tablet


Hey All,


We just got an LS-1 for our church! We also got an Amazon Fire Table for it. we are unable to connect to the LS-1. When we try it stops at the 'Connecting...' screen. We are able to connect with phones and an iPad but not the Fire Tablet. Any help would be great!


Hi Rich, I am not familiar with the fire tablet but I am guessing it does not regognize a network if there is no internet. Maybe look at the network settings and see if there is some kind of blockage?

Hey Claude thanks for the reply!

There shouldn't be anything blocking anything. Its a new tablet. The only option that I see that has anything to do with the network is allowing apps from unknown sources.


This is what I am getting





Hmmm The fact that you have that image means that your table is talking with the console. I will forward this to the folks at lightshark to get their input.

Hi Rich!


We have no experience with this type of devices, the only requirement for LightShark is to use Chrome, FireFox or Safari. These browsers support Canvas technology.


If you can connect from other devices, then it can be a problem with the web browser used. Does it work with other web browsers ?


Many Thanks

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