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Feb 10

How to import or export midi xml files?

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Hi Paris!


You can import MIDI files through a USB stick or you can also connect through a network cable to LightShark and access all files. In the user manual you can find a step-by-step guide


Chapter 7.3 Network File Transmission


Many Thanks

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  • When restarting the console, I have to not only restart the browser app/ home-screen shortcut, but I have to first "kill" it from background processes, as well as remove it from the "recent apps" list at bottom right of the dock (and then re-select the "lightshark_xxxx" network in settings obviously). Otherwise, the screen will be stuck on "connecting" or "shutting down...". It takes an extra few minutes to do all that before I'm re-connected. Seems unreliable. Anyone else notice this?
  • Hey All, We just got an LS-1 for our church! We also got an Amazon Fire Table for it. we are unable to connect to the LS-1. When we try it stops at the 'Connecting...' screen. We are able to connect with phones and an iPad but not the Fire Tablet. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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