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Dec 23, 2018

i updated my ls1 after that nothing works anymore i cant connect it to my ipad or laptop does someone know how i can reset it

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Prior to the current 1.1.1 version of software you needed to clear the cache of your device (i.e. Ipad, Laptop) when you updated or it would have issues connecting when using your desktop shortcut. If you can connect to the LS-1 using the web browser then you are ok and just need to erase cache. Or simply upgrade to the current version 1.1.1 and it will remedy itself. Hope that helps.

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  • When restarting the console, I have to not only restart the browser app/ home-screen shortcut, but I have to first "kill" it from background processes, as well as remove it from the "recent apps" list at bottom right of the dock (and then re-select the "lightshark_xxxx" network in settings obviously). Otherwise, the screen will be stuck on "connecting" or "shutting down...". It takes an extra few minutes to do all that before I'm re-connected. Seems unreliable. Anyone else notice this?
  • Hey All, We just got an LS-1 for our church! We also got an Amazon Fire Table for it. we are unable to connect to the LS-1. When we try it stops at the 'Connecting...' screen. We are able to connect with phones and an iPad but not the Fire Tablet. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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