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Dec 23, 2018

LS-1 workflow improvement suggestions

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I recently completed a multi-day event with an LS-1 and found myself wishing for the following features / improvements:


1- Allow line by line scrolling of fixtures / groups and patch pages instead of page by page increments. (It's a hassle when having to repeatedly select fixtures spread across two pages) If the swipe action isn't the long enough, the page bounces back like if it was tied with a rubber band.


2- Add a "Fixture Deselect" button on the app that speeds up Cue edits/modifications. As it stands now when editing a cue: all the fixtures must be manually deselected in either "Groups" or "fixtures" before re-selecting the desired lighting fixtures to modify its parameters ( otherwise, the whole scene gets instantly modified if you mistakenly graze an encoder wheel) a quick fix here could be to have all the fixtures not selected by default when starting an edit.


3- Create an "ESCAPE" and UNDO button ! (Useful when tired!) when editing cues in order to simply reverse your last action... (using CLR just sends you all the way back out to square 1)


4- Increase font size of playback details like: Playback Name / Number of cues / Current cue number (maybe having two GUI's to better cater to edit/live mode would do the trick?)


5- Create a status bar (or a colored border) along with a command line display that clearly states what mode or process the board is on - and what it is waiting for. At times, it is not clear if the software failed to register a user input on a button/touchscreen or if it is simply ignoring (or not allowing) a command sequence.


6- Make the "FINE" slider button available when editing fixture palettes (especially for P/T positions - but would be useful for other parameters like colors and gobos as well)


7- Normalize the general workflow of commands: Some appear the require a pre-selection of an item before deciding what to do next (like delete), other require you to initiate the function (like edit) then select the item...


8- Make all the LS-1 buttons glow at low intensity to aid in low light operation / navigation (if the current motherboard LED driver permits it) (I realize there's a already a socket for a 5 V light but I'm saving it for my show manager's cue sheets sitting right next to me... =)


9- Fixture libraries:

(A) Allow end-user to edits the Lightshark libraries locally to fix simple glitches like "Find" parameters adjustments

(B) Allow User-defined fixtures to live with the corresponding brands instead of being rolled up into a single User Category. (Custom Martin profiles with Martin fixtures etc...)

(C) Allow the import of Gobo files in order to match what you actually have in the fixture... (Like importing a simple 256x256 pixel PNG or JPG file made with a basic graphic software)

(D) Allow the programming of macro buttons in order to automate advanced features like shutting down some ol' LWR Cyberlight CL's (!)

(E) Allow the user to create custom control channels in the fixture editor.... (renaming one doesn't do the same)

(F) Allow the user to assign a given fixture parameter to an encoder (To optimize workflow) in the fixture editor. (Meaning: re-ordering which encoder does what within a given category like P/T, Colors, Gobos etc.)


10- Provide technical info on the max current limit supported by the built-in USB Charge port.... Is it 0.5A ? 1.0A? or 1.5A? (I ran into issues twice where the LS-1 board buttons started to light up in all kinds of odd ways by itself and froze while an iPad was being trickle charged by it.) I stopped using the charge port until I know more about its current ratings.


11- Provide an option in settings that can automatically activate the playback as you move the fader up... (it saves time in fast moving shows as you can keep your eyes on the performance)


12- Allow separate assignment of playback bump buttons and faders to given fixture functions on a given DMX channel (for example: to trigger a Random Strobe effect on a group of fixtures while retaining dimmer function on the slider or using it instead to pan/tilt movement speed) -- This may be already there but I haven't found it yet


13- SMPTE Timecode input! (through a dongle of sorts...I already see a need for it.) =)


14- Allowing users to DELETE cuelists!

15- Allowing users to DELETE palettes!

(...sometimes we just want to clean up a show file instead of overwriting and renaming)


I see very good potential out of this console already. It's a great, flexible product. I feel the above could only serve it better. I'm looking forward to the release of the playback wing as well. That's really gonna make it a good work package.

Dec 26, 2018

Correction: I stand corrected on item 9d: Macro programming of fixtures is actually possible. My apologies to all for not seeing it.

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