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Oct 11, 2018

Fixture List


Hey all, just wondering if there is a list of the fixture profiles so that I can see what fixtures are supported already? I have a console on order and want to do some homework before it arrives!!


Thanks in advance.

Oct 11, 2018

There is no actual list of fixtures available at the moment unless you are on the board itself. From the file menu you can see all the fixtures. But if you post your wish list here, I can look it up for you and have any missing profiles made.

Oct 11, 2018

Ok I’ll check tomorrow. Worst case, they will be available by the time you get your board.




Oct 11, 2018

Thanks a million!!

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  • Hi there, I’m having real difficulty using the fixture editor. I have a ton of IMG STAGELINE Wash-100 fixtures and unfortunately they are not in the library. Ive tried contacting Lightshark for support but I’ve not heard a reply in weeks. Is there anyone that can help set up this future in the 12 channel mode? Many thanks IMG STAGELINE WASH 100 https://www.img-stageline.com/media/FLE/WASH100RGBW.pdf IMG STAGELINE WASH 100 https://www.img-stageline.com/media/FLE/WASH100RGBW.pdf
  • I have recently purchased the LS-1 desk, when trying to create a fixture profile I’ve noticed that on the screen there is no pages under parameters as I have seen in a training video. Has anyone else notice this lack of this action. Is there a new software update I need to download. I purchased my LS-1 two months ago and still haven’t got anywhere and feeling frustrated. Can use any help. Thanks Gary
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