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Dec 26, 2018

looking to import complete updated fixture library?


While frequent update are being made to the WorkPro Lightshark site, did anyone figure out how to import the whole library into the LS-1 ? (...instead of just a given fixture at a time?) So far, I can only import one fixture at a time.... Any help would be great.

Once you connect your flashdrive open the usb option, there you will see the whole update file listed. Click open then the file you want to load. It will ask for confirmation. Full fixture libraries are also automatically downloaded with any new software.

Jan 12

Thank you for the info. After trying another time with a ''fresh'' download - it actually worked as you described. ...I believe I somehow extracted the library files during my previous attempt in Windows before trying to importing into Lightshark. Anyhow: everything works as it should on that front. Thanks.

Jan 20

UPDATE - FYI - PSA: Downloading a fixture library with MS-Edge browser doesn't yield much useable results as it won't be recognized in Lightshark as a Fixture Package...(with the corresponding file extension).


That means no mass fixture update imports are possible. The compressed folder stays white in color on Lightshark file manager (...and not green like it should in order to import)


It took me a few tries with different machines before homing in on the issue. So far, (for me) using Safari works well to download the files. I can't say the same for Microsoft Edge.


Just sharing this info in case others experience the same issue.

Thanks for sharing. I am sure this will save someone tons of wasted time figuring it out!

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