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Mar 11

User fixtures


I am new in this Forum and it seems to be the only Forum actually covering the Lightshark LS1. So at the Moment I have a LS1-Core but plan to upgrade to a console.

I am still in a learning Phase with this gear... So, there are a lot of fixtures and getting more… But I have some fixtures that are not inside...

So I am starting to create this and could not find a place to share created user fixtures.

Or is there a possibility to send them to Work for Integration into the stock-library? At the Moment I am creating a user-file for the Robe 575 Washlight. But it would be fine to get it into the "Robe" Folder? Is that possible? I have created a fixture for a "China"-made 575W-16 Channel Spotlight. Maybe someone could Need that because it takes a time to create... Maybe someone has a solution or Maybe we can upload created fixtures to the Forum?




Hi Steve, good call! I will try to find a way to upload fixtures on the forum. In the mean time, you can send them to me at cviens@avlmediagroup.com. I will have them added to the main file. Cheers!

Apr 26

I second this request.

Also, after creating or modifying my own fixtures, I initially had a hard time finding them to patch them. For whoever else may be struggling to find the location:

The "User" folder is kind of hidden among all the "Brand" folders, and can be found through:


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