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10 Reasons to go with Avolites

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

So your business is growing and you need to take a next step with lighting control. Maybe you already own a fleet of lighting consoles but need to expand. Maybe you are thinking about a career as a light board operator and wonder what you should be focusing on. Maybe you run a venue, club or church and are in need of professional lighting control equipment. You could also be planning a tour and getting your gear together. In any case, you need to make a decision about what kind of lighting console will be the best fit performance and budget wise. Well, this will light up the path for you. Here are 10 rock solid reasons why you should choose Avolites.

1. Intuitive and Creative

Get it done already! Avolites is the most intuitive lighting console I have ever set my hands on. Shouldn’t light programming be fast, fun and precise, not frustrating? Titan is built for creative designers and programmers, with an emphasis on a visual UI with powerful tools. Fast to get started with, offering depth and precision for truly breathtaking results.

2. The built-in visualizer

I am not talking about some software that runs on a separate pc and needs to be connected via complicated network settings. Capture-powered visualizer software is built-in and instantly accessible on every console model (even on the free offline simulator). Nothing about this is complicated, all of your patched fixtures will show up automatically on the visualizer. All you need to do is move them around to fit your set design. You can also import complete shows that have been designed with the full stand-alone version of the Capture software.

3. Effects and pixel mapping

Many lighting consoles feature an effect engine of some sort. Some are very sophisticated while others offer you the basics of auto movement and fx. The problem is that effects engines often get confusing and it becomes easy to lose control and screw up your show. Avolites offers three effect engines: Need a circle, tilt saw, dimmer pulse or other staple effect fast? Shape generator has it in seconds. Need to create effects over large numbers of fixtures without buying or creating video content? The intuitive animation-based pixel mapper has tools to build complex effects from simple elements. Need to create completely custom effects, combining many fixture functions together? With Key Frame Shapes your imagination is your only limit.

4. Stability

Ever had the frustrating experience of testing a console at the shop and sending it off on a gig only to have the onsite LD call you to say it won’t boot? This is the kind of problem you just don’t get with Avolites. I am not saying they are 100% fail proof (nothing is) but the reliability of Avolites consoles is astonishing. I have had the occasion to take one apart piece by piece and put it back together again. Now I understand why a connector won’t just accidently come undone during transport. This thing is built like a tank!

For further peace of mind, consoles can be networked together to provide backup, automatically synching shows.

5. Support

Of course, there is the incredible support team at Avolites UK whether it be through their website, Titan forum, directly by phone, email or on one of their social media groups but there’s more; Every Avolites console sold in Canada comes with my personal mobile phone number and email address. If you are caught up in anyway anytime, you can contact me directly and I will help you fix whatever issue you are having. I’m sure all the Avolites users who know me will testify how committed I am to making sure nobody gets stuck on a gig out there. As I always say: We are in showbusiness, there’s no bad time to call me.

6. Online training available across Canada

The Avolites Academy online learning platform is now available everywhere in Canada. The cost is $239 and that includes an Editor Avokey delivered to your door. With the shortage of staff these days, light board operators are needed more than ever. Sign up and get trained from the comfort of your own home.

7. Wide range of solutions

What are your needs? There is the offline simulator, the T1 and T2 dongles, the Titan mobile, The fader wing, the Quartz, the Tiger Touch II, the Arena, the Sapphire and the new Diamond 9. Then there’s the Titan Net Processor, offering DMX expansion, or install-friendly lighting integration. See the whole lineup in detail at Not sure which product suits your needs? No worries, just give me a buzz and I will help you out in choosing the right product that will do the job and fit your budget.

8. Once you have learned one, you have learned it, you will find the same Titan software on every console platform. Whatever Avolites console or pc platform you are using, the software remains the same. You can program your show on one console and load it onto any other model without any hiccups. You can even program your show on a laptop and watch your lights move live in the 3d viewer while flying to your next gig and load it up on whatever Avolites console model they have at the venue.

Whichever product in the range you choose, they all offer the same functionality, and all network together with one another. One platform does it all.

9. Price

Is the price of a console an obstacle when talking about high end equipment like Avolites? Well, realistically yes, I suppose price is always an issue. The good news is that Avolites consoles are surprisingly very affordable when you consider the high level of performance they deliver. Think you can’t afford one? The truth is, you can’t afford not to buy one. Actually, it pays for itself. Let’s have a chat and I’ll show you how. I will even deliver it in person, help you configure it to your needs and train your crew.

10. Expandability and media control

Avolites is the only manufacturer to offer a complete line of products from lighting consoles to network management to media servers. All consoles offer multi-user programming compatibility with one another. With the future of shows being in a convergence of lighting and video, having all control from one manufacturer makes total sense. Avolites' Titan and Ai family of products are chosen by discerning lighting and video professionals around the world, and for years their products have been involved in spectacular and demanding shows, projects, and installations.

There you have it, 10 good reasons to seriously look into Avolites as your next lighting console. Want to take one for a test drive? Simply contact me at any time and I will do whatever it takes to put you in the driver’s seat. No joke, as you can see, I am very passionate about these consoles and I want to show you why.

Written by Claude Viens

Light product specialist

AVL Media Group, Montreal, Qc.

Check out the Backstage Cowboys Podcast by clicking the image below

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1 Comment

William Woodruff
William Woodruff
Mar 07, 2023

The user-friendly interface is the only reason for me to use Avolites. Avolites consoles are known for their intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners like me. The interface allows easy access to all the essential features and functions required for lighting and visual control. By: Buy Assignment Online

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