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The Avolites Sapphire

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Could very well be your next theatrical lighting console.

I could spend hours writing out a list of all the features, bells and whistles this console offers like:

Generative, animation-based pixel mapping, quicksketch labelling for ultimate personalisation, powerful multi-user networking with any Titan console, create huge effects in seconds with Key Frame Shapes, feature-packed cue lists supporting macros, tracking, autoloads, timecode and more, expand DMX channel capacity with Titan Net Processors, synergy-ready, add any Ai product to unlock seamless video integration etc. etc. etc.

Let's be honest. What are you really looking for in you next theatrical console? Most common answer: '' I want to do everything I used to do with the old console in the same manner but with added versatility in an up-to-date environment without having to learn my job all over again.''

Inspired by the common wish to be able to ''carry-on'' without too much fuss, I recorded this short video in which I explain how to quickly setup the Sapphire to work as a 2 scene console. I also explain how inhibitives are made within seconds. This is just a quick sneak peek at how the Avolites Sapphire can fit right in to your working environment without turning everything upside down. Not to mention that it won't break your budget either.

For more information on Avolites or to book a demo, you can reach out to me by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this page or email me at the following address:

Written by Claude Viens

Light product specialist

AVL Media Group, Montreal, Qc.

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