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The Lightshark LS.1 Lighting console review

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Oh great! Another lighting console. Go ahead, make my job even more complicated! Well, not exactly. I figured out how this console works in under 20 minutes. Give it maybe an hour if you have never programmed a lighting board before.

Ok so it's a toy right? Nope. It sells for $2,000 CAD. Then it's an expensive toy? Nope, it's got palettes, presets, 30 pages of 30 faders, an effect engine, a fixture profile editor, cue lists, and oh yeah, up to 8 DMX universes. Another thing; You can walk away with your screen and take it around the venue and on stage with you. Huh? I've never seen anything like it!

Indeed, our Spanish friends have created the perfect lighting console that fills the gap between low budget DMX controllers and the entry level professional consoles. With the Lightshark LS.1, you can virtually perform

any basic operation you would do with a high end lighting console with an added twist. Their web browser based technology adds an incredible amount of freedom allowing you to connect up to 3 devices at once (ipad, android pad, windows pad, laptop etc.) and walk around freely so you can focus that light perfectly on a subject you cannot see from your FOH position.

The Lightshark LS.1 is the console we have all been waiting for. Perfect for applications like schools, churches, small venues, corporate events, festivals and more. Compact, practical, powerful, innovative and simple. And if that's not enough, they have also put out the LS-Core which is basically the same thing as the console but without buttons. Fully controllable via WIFI from your pad. It is the perfect solution for permanent installs, museums, ambient and architectural lighting, etc. What more can I say? Just buy one and see for yourself.

You can get all the information on the Lightshark LS.1 console and the LS-Core by clicking here. Not sure where to buy one? just walk in to your local AV shop or music store and ask for it. If the vendor has no clue what you are talking about, tell them to contact AVL Media Group or Intellimix.

You can also watch this video on which I walk you through all the major features of this amazing console.


The Lightshark users forum is now up and running.

Follow this link and ask any question:

Click here to check out the Backstage Cowboys Podcast.

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Dany Deniel
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