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After a long time of searching for BTS Merch online, Zumiez and PacSun have announced new BTS collaborations. Their official merch will be available in select stores in the U.S. and Canada. You can check the list of participating stores on their website. The participating stores are marked with an asterisk (*).


After a short hiatus, BTS has returned with a new line of merchandise, which is now available at Nordstrom, PacSun, and Zumiez. BTS fans can now show their love of the band on clothing and accessories through special limited-edition collections. The group has also made a splash in mainstream media, such as ET. The line of BTS merch is sure to satisfy any fan's needs.

BTS T-shirt To celebrate the recent news that the band has teamed up with Zumiez, the brand has released photos of the new BTS merchandise for sale. These items include sweaters, slippers, jogging pants, stickers, notebooks, cards, face masks, and mugs. If you're a fan of the K-pop group, you can also get your hands on BTS concert tickets at Zumiez.


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