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What in the world are Backstage Cowboys?

While all cameras, lights and microphones are focused on the stars; have you ever wondered about the people operating the cameras? What's their story? Who made those last-minute adjustments on the star's dress? Is that someone hanging off a truss above the set holding a follow spot? What about the carpenters who made a dull studio look like we were on a mountain top in Switzerland? Wouldn't these people have incredible stories to tell? Well here they are. is all about bringing forward the major players in the showbiz business and getting them to speak out about their lives and experiences. Everything you have always wanted to know about the industry behind the scenes is right here at Our podcasts feature interviews with some of the country's most experienced techs and designers. Our newsletter keeps you informed about what's going on right now along with tips and tricks to help you make it as a backstage cowboy yourself.


Join us and talk about everything and anything related to the industry. Browse around. Have fun. Subscribe. And don’t forget to drop us an email and tell us about yourself. Heck, you might even end up as part of the show! If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it!

Claude Viens
Light product specialist
AVL Media Group
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