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New electronic scoreboard for LFFQ

In a significant update for the rapidly growing Quebec flag football league (LFFQ), a state-of-the-art electronic scoreboard was unveiled, proudly designed and built by AVL Media Group—a renowned distributor of professional sound and light products. The scoreboard, a rarity due to its high cost and complexity, incorporates top-tier technology, integrating RGB LED pixel tape so each score can be displayed in the respective playing team's color, a Sundrax pixel driver, Lightshark LS-Core DMX controller, and a MIDI pad for remote triggering.

Claude Viens, a lighting product specialist at AVL Media Group and president of the Quebec flag football league, led the scoreboard's innovative design and build process.

Astonishingly, it is operated by an unrelenting duo of 80 and 83-year-old score keepers.

The intuitive design of the scoreboard allows it to install in mere seconds, boasting user-friendliness that defies age. Powered by a 12-volt battery, the scoreboard operates completely independently, and showcases a two-sided display. It can keep varying scores of two simultaneous games, or alternatively, synchronize both sides to display a common score.

This advancement underscores the ongoing growth of the league and the relentless pursuit to enhance the digital sporting experience, proving that in Quebec, flag football isn't just a game – it's a commitment to innovation.

The league, continuously attracting players and fans from across the province, is based in St-Philippe, Quebec, owing its existence to founders David Turgeon, Pierre Trepanier, and Claude Viens. The new scoreboard stands as a testament to the league's popularity and growth.

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